Grant permission on Mail Profile in SQL Server

Grant permission on Mail Profile in SQL Server.

In SQL Server you can grant send mail permission by granting “DatabaseMailUserRole” roles to particular user under MSDB database. But how to give permission to specific profile, follow the steps below.

Step1 : Right click on “Database Mail” and select “Configure Database Mail”.
Step2 : On a welcome wizard click on “Next”.
Step3 : On the “Select Configuration Task” select “Manage Profile Security” and click on “Next”.
Step4 : On the “Manage Profile Security” select your user that you want to grant permission. Here i have selected “standard” user.
Note : You must have a user created on your MSDB database.
Step5 : Check permission status on “Complete the Wizard” window and click on “Finish”.
Step6 : On the “Configuring” window click on “Close” to complete the process.

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Nirav Gajjar