Configure IIS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012

Configure IIS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012.

Basically I am writing a blog on SQL Server Administration and SQL Server Integration service but this time my boss assigned me a different task “To configure IIS on windows server 2012”. Latter on we have decided that we will capture IISLog directly to the SQL Server Database and this task can be achieved in my next blog.

It was a great experience for me to work on IIS with Windows Server 2012 and based on my experience just follow this 10 steps to configure.

Step1 : Goto Server Manager.


Step2 : On the Manage menu of the top right side of window go to “Add Roles and Features”.

Step3 : Select “Role-based on feature-based installation” and click on Next.


Step4 : On the Server Selection tab confirm and select server name and ip address and click on Next.


Step5 : To install IIS select checkbox for “Web Server (IIS)” and click Next.


Step6 : Select other features if any required otherwise click on next.


Step7 : Click on next for “Web Server Role”.


Step8 : If you want to configure IISLog on Sql server you need to select “ODBC Logging” and “Custom Logging” checkbox (Optional).


Step9 : Check selected feature on confirmation and click on install button.


Step10 : Installing IIS.


Close the window after installation completion.

Go to Browser and write “http://LocalHost” and it will show you IIS Default webpage.


Nirav Gajjar