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AlwaysOn Availability Group

Configure Backup on Secondary Replica

Configure Backup on Secondary Replica. AlwaysOn Hish Availability Groups provides Backup on Secondary database to overcome load on Primary Database. As Secondary database is Read-Only replica so you can’t execute any code directly, you need to create Maintenance Plan for backup. AlwaysOn High Availability Groups only Provides “Copy-Only Backup” at Secondary replica, it means differential [...]

AlwaysOn High Availability Manually Failover

AlwaysOn High Availability Manually Failover In my previous blog i have written on AlwaysOn High Availability Automatic Failover (From Server1 to Server2) and now in this blog i will show you AlwaysOn High Availability Manually Failover (Back from Server2 to Server1) Step1 : After Automatic Failover Server2 is working as Primary Replica and Server1 is Secondary [...]

AlwaysOn High Availability Automatic Failover

AlwaysOn High Availability Automatic Failover Always on High Availability provides automatic failover up to 2 secondary server while you configure Availability Group and Server2 is selected as Automatic Failover Replica without any data loss. Note: If you are frequently restart your server or SQL Server service then this option is not advisable. See the current scenario. [...]

Configure Availability Group Listener

Configure Availability Group Listener. Availability Group Listener is a Virtual Network Name which provides client connectivity for Availability Group database on primary or secondary available replica. In our scenario Server1 is PrimaryServer, Server2 SecondaryServer with automatic failover. Here i am going to create Availability Group listener with name “AGSample” which points to Server1, in any [...]

Configure AlwaysOn High Availability

Configure AlwaysOn High Availability This configuration has three servers Server1 (Primary Replica), Server2 (Secondary Replica Synchronous), Server3 (Secondary Replica Asynchronous) Step1: Enable AlwaysOn High Availability Group on SQL Serer Instance on which you want to configure. Open SQL Server configuration right click on your SQL Server Instance and select “AlwaysOn High Availabilty” tab. this tab [...]