Configure Backup on Secondary Replica

Configure Backup on Secondary Replica.

AlwaysOn Hish Availability Groups provides Backup on Secondary database to overcome load on Primary Database.

As Secondary database is Read-Only replica so you can’t execute any code directly, you need to create Maintenance Plan for backup.

AlwaysOn High Availability Groups only Provides “Copy-Only Backup” at Secondary replica, it means differential backup is not available at secondary replica.

Configure backup on Server2.

Step1 : Expand “Management” and click on “New Maintenance Plan..”



Step2 : Apply proper name to maintenance plan and configure regular schedule.

Click on change will create a job same maintenance plan name and you can define a schedule to execute job and run it manually as per your need.



Step3 : On the select “Back Up Database  (Full)” on Select Maintenance Tasks windows and click on “Next”.



Step4 : Select “AGDatabase” on “Define Backup Database (Full) Task”.



Click on Check Box  “Copy-Only Backup” and provide backup folder path.


–> Select “Report Options” and click on Next.

–> Click on “Finish” to complete the wizard and close it.


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Nirav Gajjar