Validate and Create Windows Cluster

Validate and Create Windows Cluster

In this blog i am going to create windows cluster for my AlwaysOn High Availability Group configuration.

I have already enabled and installed failover cluster on all recommended  servers. FailOver Cluster

Step1 : Open Server Manger — Select “Failover Cluster Manager” under Features. Click on “Create Cluster” highlighted in red under Management panel. CreateCluster1

Step2 : This will open “Create Cluster Wizard”.

Read “Before you Begin” and click on “Next”. CreateCluster2

Step3 : Type your server name and click on add. Here i have added Server1, Server2 and Server3. CreateCluster3

Step4 : On the “Validation Warning” click on “Yes. When I Click Next, run configuration validation tests, and then return to the process of creating the cluster” this option will validates the clustering processes available on all server. CreateCluster4

Step5 : This will open “Validation Configuration Wizard” click on Select “Run all tests (recommended)” to check all type of test. CreateCluster6

Step6 : Confirm testing and click on “Next”.


Step7 : See the list of test validating.


Step8: Confirm testing and click on “Finish”.


Step9 : After completion of validating it will come back to “Create Cluster Wizard”.

Now give a name to your cluster. Here i am configuring cluster for availability group so i have created “AGTesting”.

Give any unassigned IP Address from your domain and click on “Next”.


Step10 : This window show you the details of your clustering like ClusterName, List of Failover servers and Cluster IP Address.


Step11 : See message “You have successfully completed create cluster wizard”.

If you want to see a creation report in detail then click on “View Report…” else click on finish to exit the wizard.


Step12 : Now check your cluster environment under ServerManager.

Here you can add or remove cluster node, configure service, configure applications etc…


Thanks & Regards,

Nirav Gajjar