Remove Article From Replication

Remove Article From Replication

In transnational, replication you have to remove article from Subscription list and drop an Article.

Step1 : Remove article from subscription.

USE [DatabaseName]
EXEC Sp_dropsubscription
  @Publication = N'PublicationName',
  @Subscriber = N'SuscriberServerName',
  @Article = N'ArticleName'

Step2 : Drop article.

EXEC Sp_droparticle
  @Publication = N'PublicationName',
  @Article = N'ArticleName',
  @Force_Invalidate_Snapshot = 1;
--Message "Invalidated the existing snapshot of the publication. Run the Snapshot Agent again to generate a new snapshot."

Step3 : Refresh Subscription.

Sp_refreshsubscriptions 'MultipleFileGroup_Pub'

Step4 : Start snapshot sgent in replication to apply changes in snapshot.
–> Replication Monitor.
–> Expand Publisher and select Subscription.
–> Goto Agent Tab.
–> Right click on Snaphot and click on Start.


Nirav Gajjar